The Skills Workshops is an original teaching structure making it possible to acquire and validate various practical skills. This program is unique in French-speaking Belgium and offers a wide variety of transdisciplinary workshops, with the opportunity to customize one’s training. The workshops are offered from the 2nd year of the bachelor’s degree program to the 2nd year of the master’s degree program.

The workshops are organized around 5 pillars:

 Development of relational and managerial skills

These workshops aim to develop communication and interaction skills, such as public presentation, negotiation, selling techniques and team work.

 Development of creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship

These workshops, which often take the form of integrated projects, range all the way from the design of an entrepreneurial project to its full implementation.

 Development of a critical approach and a sense of ethics

These workshop aim to develop students' critical thinking and sense of ethics by the organization of debates on case studies, by role-playing analysis or by the sharing of participants’ individual experiences.

 Professional project

This category of workshop encompasses workshops helping students to carefully consider their future career, training them in writing a CV and a cover letter, as well as various activities geared to making contacts that will be of interest for one’s future career.

 Development of the digital skills

These workshops allow students to train their digital skills by using certain digital skills on concrete cases, or to pass a certification for the mastery of some digital tools.